• The Six Secrets to a Happy Retirement

    In Mark Singer’s latest book, learn how to achieve a successful, healthy retirement by coordinating all aspects of your life. Join Mark and a panel of experts as they explore the financial, emotional and physical secrets to a happy retirement. Learn more or buy the book.

    The Six Secrets to a Happy Retirement
  • What you don’t know could hurt you.

    Research shows that most affluent investors are worried about their retirement. What worries them the most, we believe, is not knowing what they don’t know — how can you plan effectively when you aren’t even sure what you are planning for? Browse this site to find answers or buy the book.

  • Make your own Retirement RoadMap.

    Are you concerned about your retirement? Do you know what your “number” is? If you could retire now, wouldn’t you like to know? Our unique Retirement RoadMap can help you to get the answers you need in order to make an informed decision about your retirement. Learn more…

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  • Organize your financial information.

    Many studies show that the #1 concern of many people entering retirement is their lack of coordination. Learn how to avoid some of the common mistakes most people make and find out how to properly coordinate your financial affairs with our Financial Organizer System. Learn more…

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  • Advice for women in transition

    Studies show that most women will outlive their spouses and lack the education necessary to properly plan for their financial futures. Are you frustrated with the poor communication skills of many financial planners? Learn how to coordinate your finances for yourself and your family. Learn more…

    profiessional women.
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Meet Mark Singer CFP®

Mark Singer is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional whose career spans 25 years. He created the “Retirement Roadmap” and the “Financial Organizer System” to help investors successfully coordinate their financial affairs. Mark is a frequent speaker at events, teaches for the non-profit Heartland Institute as a Certified Financial Educator and founded the Greater Boston Corporate Wellness Forum. He has hosted several radio and tv shows over the past 20 years and has received national attention for his new book.

Learn More About Mark

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Interactive Worksheets

One of the mistakes most often made by those who are considering retirement is their lack of planning. We have developed a series of worksheets that will help you to better understand how to take more control of the planning process. From cash flow issues, to visualizing your retirement, to your own Bucket List, to how to ask the right questions when interviewing a financial planner, these worksheets are designed to help you get on the right track.

Download Worksheets

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Resources for Women

Women have unique needs when it comes to financial planning, and more importantly, need to have a professional who understands them and can empower them to make intelligent decisions. Traditionally, the financial planning industry has done a poor job of communicating with women; therefore, women are having a difficult time finding a trusted advisor who can take the time to educate them on the essential of the planning process.

Explore Women's Resources

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Hear Mark Speak

Mark has spent his entire career educating people. Whether it is through his radio and television shows, or in front of audiences large and small, Mark is recognized for bringing complex strategies and solutions to his listeners in an easy-to-understand presentation. In 25 years he has helped many people who have successfully retired, and shares those stories with his audience in way that makes an instant connection with those in attendance.

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Just finished reading book. For those approaching retirement or actually in retirement, it is an excellent guide addressing all aspects of preparing for and living the good life in one's "golden years."

As someone who teaches financial investing to this age group, I appreciate the value the book represents. The book is not only an easy read in terms of understanding but more important is a great guide on steps we can take to get the greatest joy out of this period of our lives.

Larry Barrett
Retired Senior Sales Executive, Dallas, TX

Mark Singer’s new book, The Changing Landscape of Retirement, is a must read for all women. This is the first book I have read that really shares with the reader the real troubles one can face when you don’t plan. I love the real-life stories he shares in the book, which are helpful to understand the risks and rewards of planning properly for retirement. Mark understands what it takes to connect with women, the way they want to learn. His approach is supportive as a partner in retirement planning, not a vendor. I highly recommend Mark’s new book as a tool for women of all ages to get the information they need to succeed in retirement planning! 

Janet Powers
Chief Executive Diva, Diva Toolbox™, LLC

As a woman so fittingly in the category Mark described as one who ‘assumes the men in my life will take care of my investments and retirement planning for me,’ I found this book to be eye-poppingly awakening!

Not only did it make me more conscious of my financial outlook, but I found myself looking around and paying attention to what is important. It’s not that the information in some cases isn’t common sense, it’s bringing it to the forefront of our brains and helping us be more alert and aware. I will definitely shift my financial perspective based on the facts presented.

Laurie Cote
President & CEO, Diversity Studio, Inc.

I would just like to thank you for empowering me with the knowledge that your book provided me. It forced me to ask myself some difficult questions for which in some instances I did not have the answers. Your book has however provided me with resources to seek those answers. The chapter on What About Women? also has opened my eyes and my mind. As a woman who owns a business but is also a wife, I developed some confidence after reading the chapter on What the Future Holds and understand that I really do not have to be afraid to ask the necessary questions that are needed in order to plan for my future financial needs. The book is an easy read, very informative and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this book and have already shared it with my three sisters.


Joanne L. Sargent, RN
Sargent & Associates Loss Management Services, Inc.

As a long-standing client of Mark Singer, I found The Changing Landscape of Retirement to be a clear reflection of Mark’s fundamental approach to always keeping the client at the center of the financial planning process. His personal and individualized approach to understanding his clients’ needs and then developing a timely strategy to meet those needs has been clearly demonstrated to me many times over the nearly 20 years that we have been associated. Of particular interest was his chapter on how to choose a financial planner — I thought the material was very good and it is a topic that is seldom discussed so candidly.

Fred Anderson
Retiree, Beverly, MA

I found Mark Singer’s book to be an interesting read. Chapter 4 (What About Women) is very enlightening regarding how women approach long term financial security. Women do need help in focusing on their needs opposed to putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Women need to think about their personal well being first and foremost. The way Mark has written Chapter 4 hopefully will empower women to plan strategically on how to outlive their money.

Now that Mark Singer has taken the first step to empower women to take charge, I hope there will be a second step to continue the process of helping women put themselves ahead of others and plan for their futures. 

Darnell Frymire
Former CEO/Owner, The People Network, INC and President, Community Affairs

For anyone hoping for a comfortable and confident retirement, Mark Singer’s book is a must-read. It’s packed full of great tips, lessons learned and information most of us never have a chance to obtain until it’s too late. Whether you hope to retire, or are in retirement, you’ll find something of value here.

Beverly Flaxington
Consultant, college professor and author of "Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior"

An excellent overview from 30,000 feet of the changing landscape of retirement. Mark outlines the common retirement mistakes and the unintended consequences of the mistakes. Developing, implementing and following the Retirement Roadmap as discussed by Mark can assist in providing a stress-free retirement journey. This book is a must read for those entering or for those in the early stages of retirement.

David McMenamin,CFP®
Founder of Heritage Financial Services